Future vacations started in 2002 ,since the advent of the concept of holiday time-shares, many companies have sprung up offering various kinds of packages to consumers. But few companies understand the specifications and expectations of the traveling public.


At  FUTURE VACATIONS, we put ourselves in the shoes of our customers and appreciate viewpoints from their perspective. Thereafter we build packages that specifically suit their preferences.
For example, we are one company who would readily pass down the discounts and concessions we receive from our principals and suppliers to our customers so that it is they who enjoy the benefits and concessions. This one point endears our customers to us.


In brief,  FUTURE VACATIONS offers time-share membership in its properties to its customers whereby they enjoy undisputed ownership of the specified unit for a  week in the year for a defined period of time. In this week, or extended part, they get to stay for a week for the entire period of time at any future vacations resorts. The main attraction is that they can exchange  their week with members of various other resorts all over the world.